About Us

The Olive Tree restaurant is intimately connected with the Queens Court Hotel. From humble beginnings as a simple restaurant catering to the hotel customers, the Olive Tree has grown to be one of the foremost fine dining restaurants in Exeter.

Award winning Exeter restaurant

Under the ownership of Chris and Bridget Bowring, over the past 14 years they have transformed the Olive Tree into an award-winning standalone institution – a highly commendable achievement.

Inspired by Italy

The restaurant is inspired by the olive groves of Italy and takes additional Italian influence from Venice; a city that Chris and Bridget have fallen in love with over the years, and which they bring a small piece with them in the Venetian masks that adorn the restaurant walls.

Locally Sourced Produce

The Olive Tree restaurant sources its produce from local Devon farms in order to maintain the freshest and highest standards. As such, the menu changes accordingly; but please do let us know if you’ve really enjoyed one of our fine dishes, and we can strive to make sure it stays on our menu.